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[MovieTexture] FMOD error when trying to play video using WWW class



Repro steps:
1) Open the project and only scene in it
2) Play - notice that the movie texture and the sound works correctly
3) Notice the errors in the Console: "Error: Cannot create FMOD::Sound instance for resource (null), (An invalid parameter was passed to this function. ) "

Reproduced in: 5.4.0b2; 5.3.1p3; 5.3.0f4
Not reproduced in: 5.2.3p3

Comments (63)

  1. grenappels

    Jun 09, 2016 20:05

    Why is this listed as fixed? It is still an error for me in 5.4.0b21 Personal. I'm on Windows 10, using 64-bit unity.

  2. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    May 04, 2016 10:13

    5.3.4f1, two errors and doesn't play, something wrong with my code?

  3. trsh

    May 02, 2016 06:08

    Still present 5.3.4f1. But the movie plays.

  4. Dranix

    Apr 28, 2016 09:29

    I get this both in 5.3.3f1 and 5.3.4f1, windows 10 using c#.
    2 errors:
    LoadMoveData got NULL! UnityEngine.WWW:get_movie()
    Cannot create FMOD::Sound instance for resource (null),
    Both points to MovieTexture movieTexture =;

    www.bytesDownloaded is same as movie size and www.error is null.
    I tried with ogg, ogv videos locally and also unity sample.ogg online. I can only see the first frame of the movie when the editor paused at the error.

  5. Tinus

    Apr 11, 2016 13:43

    Sorry, that would be 5.3.4p2

  6. Tinus

    Apr 11, 2016 13:41

    I am *still* experiencing this issue on 5.3.3p2, which mentions this being fixed.

  7. malviyanpawan

    Mar 30, 2016 09:25

    Error: Cannot create FMOD::Sound instance for resource (null), (An invalid parameter was passed to this function. )
    <RetrieveStreamingAsset>c__Iterator1:MoveNext() (at Assets/Scripts/MoviePlayerSample.cs:194)
    Getting this error in unity sample scene for samsung gear vr.

  8. IQpierce

    Mar 29, 2016 22:20

    This is happening for our team in 5.3.4f1. (It's happening in an ogg video file with NO AUDIO, as indicated in previous comments.)

  9. jrcharland

    Mar 23, 2016 22:27

    Same here, not working on 5.3.3

  10. mautere

    Mar 19, 2016 18:11

    As an extremely shitty work-around for the error
    LoadMoveData got NULL!

    WWW Class works in JS by copy pasting the example at:

    But even then it only loads ogg videos and not mp4, mov, etc.

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