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Mouse cursor over Unity 5.4 window disappears on MS Surface Book

Editor - Other


When Unity 5.4 is running on MS Surface Book with touch support and if you open the editor and the project using ONLY touch, mouse cursor disappears when it enters editor window area. You can still click something with mouse but you obviously can't see where the cursor was at that moment. Tapping the screen works fine. USB mice exhibit the same behavior.

Also Editor throws HID errors from time to time.

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    This is a duplicate of issue #817286

    Cursor is not visible in editor window

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    Aug 21, 2020 05:04

    When Unity 5.4 is operating on MS History Document with touch assistance and in case you start the editor and a project that uses ONLY touch, the mouse cursor disappears when you enter the editor window area. You can also click something with the mouse but obviously you could not see where the attack was at that time. I find . Tap the screen to work fine. USB mice exhibit the same behavior.

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