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[Models] .skp file throws errors on import and has some normals flipped

Asset Import


To reproduce:
1. Open attached project
2. Select the 06_14_3D-4 assets. It's a sketchup model.
3. Reimport the model
4. Notice the errors in console:

We have grown over the fileID boundarys
m_UsedFileIDs.count (fileID) != 1
!(m_Object.find (fileID) != m_Object.end () && m_Object.find (fileID)->second.classID != object.GetClassID ())
Meshes may not have more than 65534 vertices or triangles at the moment. Mesh 'Mesh Apple Macbook Pro' will be split into 2 parts: 'Mesh Apple Macbook Pro_MeshPart0', 'Mesh Apple Macbook Pro_MeshPart1'.
Asset Preview generation failed

5. Add the model to the scene
6. Notice the pavement normals are flipped (the pavement is only visible when looking at if from the underground)

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