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[Blender] Model preview disappears after changing Animation type to Legacy

Asset - Importers


To reproduce:

1. Import the attached .fbx file (cuteZombie.fbx)
2. In the import settings, change Animation Type to Legacy
3. Observe the Preview window and the icon of the model in the Assets folder

Expected: changing Animation Type to Legacy does not make the model's preview disappear

Reproduced in 2017.1.3p1, 2017.2.1p3, 2017.3.0p4, 2018.1.0b5

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    Resolution Note (2021.1.X):

    Not a bug, the mesh is actually visible, just very small. When AnimationMode is different than none, a Skinned Mesh Renderer is assigned instead of the mesh renderer. The skinned mesh renderer has a bounding box which in this case is huge. The preview window uses that bounding box to place the camera and it ends up being very far.
    The reason why the bounding box is huge seems to be that the mesh renderer node has a scale of a 100 and therefore is 100 times bigger than expected.
    The Generic animation mode fixes does not have the same issue.
    We won't fix this issue because we can't change the behavior without breaking existing projects. There's two workarounds :
    - Use the Generic Animation mode
    - re-export from Blender using "Apply Scalings = FBX Unit Scale".

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