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[Mobile] [UI] InputField's characterLimit is handled not by the native device keyboards, therefore, causing visual artefacts



Reproduction Steps:
1. Open "Test" project
2. Build and deploy to mobile device
3. Select InputField
4. Write something
Note: Limit is 5 characters
5. Notice that while you are writing text over 5 characters long, characters are appearing and disappearing on Native device keyboard.

Expected behaviour: characterLimit is handled by the native keyboard and no letters are appearing on Input over 5 character.
Actual result: characterLimit is handled after the input. When keyboard key is pressed letter appears and only then disappears.

Reproduced on versions: Unity 5.3.7p4, 5.4.4p3, 5.5.1p3, 5.6.0b7
Reproduced on iOS and Android devices.

Note from duplicate case: If one navigates to the middle of the field and enters another character that the character is entered at the current position of the caret, the last character in the string is removed, and the caret is moved to the end of the line.

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