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[Mobile Notifications] iOSNotificationTimeIntervalTrigger.TimeInterval is incorrect by a factor of 1000

Package: Mobile Notifications


Reproduction steps:
1. Open attached project "Case_1315365" and load Scene "SampleScene"
2. Enter Play Mode
3. Observe the Console

Expected result: 1 is printed out to the Console
Actual result: 0.001 is printed out to the Console

Reproducible with: Mobile Notifications 1.0.2 (2018.4.32f1, 2019.4.20f1, 2020.2.5f1), 1.3.2 (2018.4.32f1, 2019.4.20f1, 2020.2.5f1, 2021.1.0b6, 2021.2.0a5)

- Can be tested on a fresh project that contains a script with the following snippet:
var obj = new iOSNotificationTimeIntervalTrigger();
obj.TimeInterval = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(1); //1 minute
Debug.Log(obj.TimeInterval.TotalMinutes); //Prints 0.001 minutes

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    Resolution Note (fix version 1.4.0):

    Fixed in Mobile Notifications 1.4.1

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