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[Metal] Project does not open on second launch if Preloaded Shaders are used



How to reproduce:
1. Create new Unity project
2. Go to Edit --> Project Settings --> Player and enable Metal Editor Support
3. Go to Edit --> Project Settings --> Graphics
4. Create new ShaderVariants by clicking Save to asset
5. Change Preloaded Shaders size to 1 and add newly created ShaderVariant to them
6. Save your project, exit from it and re-open it

Expected result: Project is re-opened
Actual result: "Unity quit unexpectedly" error appears, in Editor.log error is specified as - "No valid pixelFormats set"

Note - To open the project again, just delete Library folder.

Reproducible with - 2017.1.0b9, 5.6.1p3, 5.6.0a6
Not reproducible - 2017.2.0a3

Fixed in - 2017.1.0f1

Comments (4)

  1. martonekler

    Apr 18, 2018 09:26

    We are working on the fix for this

  2. bfoddy

    Apr 17, 2018 00:41

    Not fixed in 2017.4.1LTS

  3. bfoddy

    Dec 19, 2017 04:06

    this is not fixed in 2017.1.2p4

  4. PeterB

    Oct 05, 2017 13:25

    This is _not_ fixed in 2017.1.0f1.

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