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[Memory Profiler] the Owned Size of 'Same' + 'New' is not equal to the right Snapshot when comparing in the Diff mode

Package: Memory Profiler Package


How to reproduce:
1. Create a new project
2. Import the Memory Profiler from the Package Manager
3. Open the Memory Profiler window (Window -> Analysis -> Memory Profile)
4. Import Snapshots 'RC41.snap' and 'RC64 3.snap'
5. Open the imported Snapshots in view by clicking the 'Open' button
6. Press 'Diff' button to see the difference between the Snapshots
7. Select the 'Diff' table header and choose the 'Group' filter
8. Select the 'Type' table header and choose the 'Match' filter, enter the value 'Texture2D'

Expected result: the Owned Size of 'Deleted' + 'Same' is equal to the Texture2D value of the first (left) Snapshot and 'Same' + 'New' is equal to the second (right) Snapshot
Actual result: 'Same' + 'New' is not equal to the Texture2D value of the second Snapshot

Reproducible with: 0.1.0-preview.1 (2018.4.25f1), 0.2.5-preview.1 (2019.4.4f1, 2020.1.0b16, 2020.2.0a18)

Package versions 0.1.0-preview.6 and below calculate different Owned Size results on the same Snapshots

  1. Resolution Note:

    Capturing the Snapshots in different game sessions is expected to cause issues in Diff mode as instance IDs do not persist between sessions, not even if the Editor stays open. A session identifier will be added to the snapshot in a future version and improve the Diff mode so that this shouldn't be causing any issues/confusion any more.

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