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Material properties are not correctly setup when assigning a ShaderGraph to a newly created material



Repro steps:

- Create a project with HDRP installed
- Create a new material from the project window, note that the Lit.shader will be assigned to this material
- Create a new HDRP Lit ShaderGraph and change some settings like the surface option to transparent for example
- Assign the ShaderGraph to the material
- Notice that even if the graph was set to transparent, the material is not.

Expected result: the material should have taken the properties from the graph instead of keeping its old ones
Actual result: the material doesn't change any of its properties

Note that we can observe this behavior with ShaderGraph but it, in fact, happens with every kind of shader when we assign them to any material.

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    postponed to the material instance system

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    Sep 26, 2020 07:29

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