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[Mask] Masked image bleeds out into another gameObject with a disabled mask attached



Reproduction steps:
1. Open attached project (
2. Open the "test" scene
3. Select the "Panel" gameObject (under Canvas) and disable the mask component
4. The rest of the image is seen (it bleeds out)

Note: When the "Panel" object is below the "Panel(1)" or "Panel" doesn't have a mask component attached the image will not bleed.

Expected result: The image should't be displayed on the left side (left panel).

Regression from: 5.1.X (last not working version 5.1.4f1(36d0f3617432))

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  1. Qwere

    Oct 25, 2015 07:09

    This bug is happening since I updated to Unity 5.2, so I'm sure it's not something intentional.
    -I'm currently considering downgrading Unity to 5.1 because of this issue

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