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[macOS] "Funk" error sound plays when pressing any non-shortcut key in Play Mode

Scene/Game View


How to reproduce:
1. Create a new Unity project
2. Enter Play Mode and make sure the focus is on the Game window
3. Press any input on the keyboard that is not a shortcut('A', for instance)

Expected result: no sounds are made
Actual result: the Mac error sound is made

Reproducible with: 2018.3.0a9, 2018.3.0b1, 2019.1.0a1
Not reproducible with: 2018.2.8f1, 2018.3.0a8

Comments (12)

  1. UriGoori

    Sep 26, 2020 19:13

    also in 2020 is do that...

  2. MitchParrington

    Sep 21, 2019 12:14

    I am running 2019.2.6f1 and this is still a problem. Would really like it to be fixed.

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