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[LWRP][OpenGLES3]LWRP Demo Scene is much darker when Using OpenGL3

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline Lightweight


To reproduce:
1. Open the user's attached project
2. Select OpenGLES3 as preferred Graphics API for Android
3. Build and run

Expected: The scene appears lit just as it is in the Editor
Actual: The scene is much darker than the editor

Reprdocued with: 2018.3.13f1(4.10.0), 2019.1.0f2 (5.7.2), 2019.2.0a12 (6.5.3)
LWRP package version is in the brackets

Tested and reproduced with these devices:
VLNQA00117 Google Pixel 2 8.0.0 Snapdragon 835 MSM8998 Adreno (TM) 540 OpenGL ES 3.2 FA7A31A08664
VLNQA00138 Huawei P20 Pro 8.1.0 HiSilicon Kirin 970 Mali-G72 OpenGL ES 3.2 WCR0218331000896
VLNQA00005 Samsung Galaxy S7 7.0 Snapdragon 820 MSM8996 Adreno (TM) 530 OpenGL ES 3.2 533c0b26
VLNQA00021 Samsung Galaxy S7 7.0 Exynos 8 Octa 8890 Mali-T880 OpenGL ES 3.2 9885f650575231304f

Comments (2)

  1. 2d5798f0ff8f511764d222159ee6701c?d=mm


    Jul 11, 2019 13:24

    Problem still here 2019.3.0a8 LWRP 6.9.0! If anyone know where is original issue please share. Thanks

  2. 99ef78fa68d7f1422064aa6a83cc3ebe?d=mm


    May 03, 2019 05:46

    we encountered this issue only on unity 2019.1.0f2.

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