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Localized Audio Clips fail to load on first retrieval when using LoadAssetAsync()

Package: Localization


How to reproduce:
1. Open the user's attached '' project
2. From the 'Scenes' folder open the 'TitleScene' Scene
3. Enter the Play mode
4. Select 'Play' > 'Single Player' > 'Story Mode'
5. In the 'StorySelectScene' press the 'Button' button
6. Keep pressing the 'Next' button until the dialogue finishes
7. Press the 'Button' button again

Expected result: The audio clip plays every time the 'Button' button gets pressed
Actual result: The audio clip plays only after the 'Button' button is pressed the second time

Reproducible with: Localization 0.8.1-preview (2019.4.8f1, 2020.1.4f1, 2020.2.0a21)
Cannot test with: Localization 0.3.1-preview (2018.4.26f1), Localization 0.8.0-preview (2019.4.8f1, 2020.1.4f1) (due to errors)

  1. Resolution Note:

    There were 2 issues here.
    1) We don't preload assets in Asset Tables unless the `PreloadAssetTable` Metadata is added. We have changed this so we do now preload assets by default.
    2) We had some bugs with preload finishing too soon and some invalid casts issues which we have also addressed.

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