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Loading second display on 2 different monitor setups shrinks the higher resolution display to lower resolution displays size



Steps to reproduce:
1. Download latest attached project("")
2. Make sure you have 2 monitors with different native resolutions
3. Build for Standalone
4. Run the build and wait a few seconds

Expected result: both monitors display at their full resolutions
Actual result: display with a higher resolution shrinks to the resolution of the smaller resolution display

Reproduced on 2019.1.0a9, 2019.1.0b7, 2019.2.0a8
Not reproduced on 2018.3.9f1, 2019.1.0a1, 2019.1.a8

- Not reproducible on identical monitors with different set resolutions
- Which display the build is started on has no impact

  1. Resolution Note (2019.3.X):

    While the symptoms are different, I verified this is indeed the same issue as; the fix for that bug also addresses this problem

  2. Resolution Note (2019.3.X):

    Parent bug is a duplicated, which has already been fixed for releases:

Comments (13)

  1. Blarp

    Jun 18, 2021 07:34

    this is still a painful process, wru unity

  2. DG-ABQ

    Sep 04, 2019 15:06

    We were having the same problem where our primary display was a 4:3 and additional displays were 16:9. Was driving us crazy. Going to try out in the 2019.3 beta. Any idea of offical release date of 2019.3?

  3. MagicManFoli

    Aug 29, 2019 12:18

  4. Little-Big-Monkey

    Aug 28, 2019 17:48

    Same scenario, same result. Impossible to set up an application with multi display with differents resolution (HD, UHD)

  5. jeroenvdv

    Aug 09, 2019 13:24

    I agree to JG-DENVER: For live art & creative video applications, you need to be able to run main display on for example 1920x1080 and have two external displays running 3840x2160 each.

    Hope this gets fixed soon....!

  6. samfoot

    Jul 30, 2019 10:53

    We are also having this issue, here. We create installations with multiple monitors and we cannot use Unity 2019.

  7. Weseloh

    Jul 29, 2019 21:35

    @BURMESTERVR - This was not a problem in versions prior to 2019 (works in 2018)

  8. BurmesterVR

    Jul 27, 2019 18:45

    Also having problems with this issue in 2019.1.10f1.

    Does anyone know a Unity version where this is not a problem?

  9. Weseloh

    Jul 26, 2019 21:48

    Agree this is important. We are unable to upgrade to Unity 2019 because our application is used in a custom installation that uses multiple displays with various resolutions.

    As others have mentioned, this depends on the resolution selected (when using the "Display Resolution Dialog" option). Since all displays get the same resolution, either a lower resolution display will be cropped, or a higher resolution display will be partially used. Setting the resolution of each display in the activate function doesn't seem to make a difference.

    Any indication when this will be fixed?

  10. TheBAM

    Jul 16, 2019 21:25

    I have the same problem on 2019.1.6f1 and other versions. Trying to run a multi-display app, expecting a full-screen on each display, and they look ok in Unity Editor displays(simulated), but on actual physical displays the rendering size is not system size. Tried different combinations of settings, nothing helped so far.

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