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Loading Asset Bundle, which has renamed script, loses references to that script even after rebuilding bundles

Asset Bundles


How to reproduce:
1. Download AssetBundles demo project
2. Unmark the toggle: AssetBundles->Simulate AssetBundles
3. Create a new script
4. Attach it to the cube prefab (Test Assets>Cube)
5. Build Asset Bundles AssetBundles->Build AssetBundles
6. Start the AssetLoader scene and play it
7. Select cube instance and check inspector, it has script everything is fine
8. Rename the script
9. Play the AssetLoader scene and check cube again (there will problem because we do not rebuild the AssetBundles)
10. Rebuild AssetBundles and play AssetLoader (referenced script is lost)
11. No matter how many times you rebuild the bundles, even force to build or delete all existed bundle and rebuild, the result is the same

Way to resolve it: remove the script from Cube.prefab, and reattach it, and then rebuild the asset bundle, everything goes well, again.

Comments (2)

  1. levykin

    Dec 10, 2015 13:00

    Reproduced in 5.3.0f4, Case 752632

  2. scadieux

    Nov 19, 2015 19:24

    Leaving a comment to say that we're experiencing the same bug with 5.1.3.

    If you build the bundles first. Then rename a monobehaviour on a present on the prefab or an object in the scene. And then rebuild the asset bundles. Unity will claim that there are no changes.

    However if you delete the manifest and the generated asset bundle file and then generate again. Then the manifest shows a different CRC and the bundle file did changed. However the Asset Bundle Manifest still report the same CRC.

    In fact if I delete all the asset bundle files after the renaming the asset bundle manifest file will still report the same CRC as before the renaming.

    Our current work around is to not do incremental build and maintain our own manifest file and ignore the one generated by unity.

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