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[Line Renderer] Normals are flipped when using alignment mode "Local"

Visual Effects - Legacy


When using a line renderer with a standard shader, using "View" alignment mode generates a correct mesh but using "Local" alignment mode generates a mesh with flipped normals. I have deduced this by the fact that a light in front of the mesh doesn't affect its lighting but a light behind it affects its lighting.

This is also seen in 2018.2 where "Local" mode has been renamed "Transform Z".

Expected behavior :
In local mode, a light in front the the line renderer mesh will affect its lighting and the mesh will cast shadows.

See attached screenshots and project.
- LineRendererLocal.png : no lighting from the pointlight on the line renderer
- LineRendererView.png : correct lighting from the pointlight on the line renderer
- LineRendererLocalLightBehind : diffuse lighting from the light behind the line renderer affects it

In the Project, open "CableTestScene"

Side bug ?
When using "View" alignment mode, the line renderer's shadow disappears.

Notifying Richard since I believe he has been working on LineRenderers recently.

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