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Fixed in 2022.2.2f1, 2023.1.0a20



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Lightmap baking fails when URP Template content is put into a subscene



Repro steps:
# Check out latest 2022.2/staging (tested with git commit 62ca96eb270df00114e34114a5155944030c179f)
# Check out latest DOTS master (tested with git commit c15f5229c91b3e0d202461b8ea1870159b59d9ee)
# Extract the attached test project into a sibling folder of the DOTS checkout
** E.g. if DOTS is in C:\UnitySrc\dots, the test project should be in C:\UnitySrc\EntitiesLightmappingBug, so the relative package path works
# Open the scene Assets/Scenes/SampleScene.unity
# It's the default URP template, but with the assets moved into a DOTS subscene
# Click Window > Rendering > Lighting > Generate Lighting
# GI baking goes into an error loop, repeatedly giving this error message:
Integrate failed on Write Lighting Data job.

** The editor becomes unresponsive due to the error loop


Expected behavior: GI gets regenerated, and Entities get updated with the new lightmaps

Actual behavior: GI baking repeatedly fails with an error

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2023.1.0a20):

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