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Lighting is applied differently to GameObjects when comparing results during Play Mode and outside of Play Mode



How to reproduce:

# Open the “” project
# Select the “Directional Light” GameObject
# Change the lighting direction and observe the Scene view
# Enter the Play Mode, repeat step 3, and observe the Scene view

Expected results: Lighting is applied the same to GameObjects in Play Mode, just like outside of Play Mode
Actual results: Lighting is applied differently to GameObjects when in Play Mode

Reproducible in: 2021.3.33f1, 2022.3.14f1, 2023.2.0a17
Not reproducible in: 2023.2.3f1, 2023.3.0a17
Fixed in: 2023.2.0a18

Reproduced on: Windows 11 Pro
Not reproduced on: No other environment tested

  1. Resolution Note:

    Thank you for submitting this issue with us.

    This discrepancy arises from the automatic baking of environment lighting kicking off in the editor but not play mode. The solution is to bake the scene. We have removed this automatic functionality in the 2023 stream to clarify the workflow.

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