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[UaaL] After unloading a Unity scene, memory remains allocated depending on how much memory was used in the scene



Steps to reproduce:
1. Open the attached project ("")
2. Open and run "both.xcworkspace" in Xcode
3. Open "Debug navigator" in Xcode to inspect Memory usage on the device
4. Press the "Init" button
5. Press "Increase Memory" button
6. Press "Unload" button
7. Notice the memory usage on the device
8. Repeat steps 4-6, but now press the "Increase Memory" button 6-8 times
9. Notice the memory usage on the device

Expected results: Memory usage is the same in steps 7 and 9
Actual results: Memory usage is higher after allocating more memory while in the Unity scene

Reproducible with: 2019.4.24f1, 2020.3.4f1, 2021.1.3f1, 2021.2.0a13
UaaL is not available in 2018.4

Reproducible on:
iPad 9.7" 6th gen (14.4)
iPad Air 2 (11.0.3)
iPhone XR (13.4.1)
iPhone 8 Plus (12.0)
VLNQA00099, Google Pixel XL (Pixel XL), Android 10, CPU: Snapdragon 821 MSM8996 Pro, GPU: Adreno (TM) 530

- To setup and upgrade the project you can use instructions here:
- The amount of memory can vary from 10-30 MB change from a single "Increase Memory" press. "Increase Memory" just generates 500 models to increase memory usage in the app

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    Resolution Note (2021.2.X):

    This is the best we can do at this time. Current workaround is load and unload an empty scene.

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