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[iOS] Social API LoadUsers returns empty when trying to retrieve users using the new score.userID



Steps to reproduce:
1. Open the attached project ("")
2. Open "SampleScene"
3. Build and deploy the Xcode project to a device
4. Press "Auth" button (authorizes the player to GameCenter)
5. Press "commit scores" button
6. Press "LoadScore" button
7. Observe the console

Expected results: At least one user is found and the profile info is printed
Actual results: None users are found

Reproducible with: 2019.4.25f1, 2019.4.29f1, 2020.3.6f1, 2020.3.14f1, 2021.1.3f1, 2021.1.14f1, 2021.2.0a11, 2021.2.0b3, 2022.1.0a1
Not reproducible with: 2019.4.24f1, 2020.3.5f1, 2021.1.2f1, 2021.2.0a10
Haven't tested 2018.4 since the previous fix wasn't backported there

- The issue was introduced due to a fix in Case 1312882 (

  1. Resolution Note (2022.1.X):

    Work on Game Center integration is currently on hold. If you are experiencing issues with Game Center implementation as alternative we recommend using Game Center solutions from Asset Store or implementing your own solution.

Comments (11)

  1. Wriggler

    Jan 18, 2024 12:28

    Still present in 2022.3.16f1.

  2. Frolky

    Feb 27, 2023 10:36

    2020.3.44 too

  3. Nickjd331

    Apr 27, 2022 21:04

    This is also present in 2021.3 LTS

  4. enhawk

    Jan 06, 2022 10:09

    downgraded to 2019.4.24f1 for now

  5. dustinbahr

    Dec 06, 2021 16:17

    @Icynotes. We are currently on 2020.3.5f1 and are seeing this issue. Can you confirm its actually working on your end?


    Dec 06, 2021 06:02

    Any update on when this is postponed until?

  7. spikyworm5

    Nov 05, 2021 07:57

    Reproduced with 2020.3.21f1. Any news or plans to fix this issue? This is currently the only issue that holding me from using the Social module. Android works perfectly.

  8. QuiZr

    Oct 20, 2021 20:52

    Still present in 2021.1.24f1

  9. lowLevell

    Oct 01, 2021 23:27

    I tried on Unity 2019.4.31f1, the issue still continues.

  10. icynotes

    Sep 07, 2021 05:33

    Had this error with 2020.3.15f2, downgraded to 2020.3.5f1 and the issue was fixed.

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