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iOS keyboard is invisible after returning from browser on iOS7



To reproduce:

1. Open an attached project.
2. Build it for iOS.
3. Launch it on iOS device
4. Tap the only Button
5. After link is opened return to the application
6. Tap the InputField to activate the keyboard
7. If everything is OK (keyboard is showing), close keyboard, repeat steps 4-6
8. Keyboard is not showing, but you can try to type symbols. When any keyboard symbol is tapped you can see it's keyboard animation is showing, but the rest of the keyboard is invisible.

Issue can be seen in video the user sent

Reproduced on 5.1.2p1, 5.2.0b3 using iPad mini (7.1.2)
Doesn't reproduce on 5.1.2p1, 5.2.0b3 using iPad Air (8.1.1), iPhone 6+ (8.0), iPad mini 2 (8.4), iPad 2 (8.1.2)
Doesn't reproduce on 4.6.7p2 using iPad Air (8.1.1), iPhone 6+ (8.0), iPad mini 2 (8.4), iPad 2 (8.1.2), iPad mini (7.1.2)

Comments (2)

  1. ChrisPPPPP

    Oct 09, 2015 16:15

    I'm having the same issue on an iphone 5 with Unity 5.2

  2. channmann

    Oct 08, 2015 01:33

    I am still seeing this issue on iOS 7.1 on an iPad mini retina in Unity 5.2. this is blocking the release of our app. Please help!

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