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[Editor] NPOT Texture assets corrupted when importing with no graphics

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1) Build the library folder via command line, batchmode, no graphics: /Unity562p3/ -batchmode -quit -projectPath /Users/ryan/Downloads/ios_crash -nographics
2) Open the project in Unity (5.6.2p3)
3) See in Main scene that the circle displayed in game is solid black (should instead be a white ring)
4) Change Editor to run in Metal graphics api instead of OpenGL (player settings enable metal editor support)
5) Editor crashes with the following:

-[MTLTextureDescriptorInternal validateWithDevice:]:783: failed assertion `MTLTextureDescriptor requests 11 mipmap levels, but the dimensions (719, 719, 1) can only support a maxiumum of 10 levels'

Reproduced with: 2017.2.0b3, 2017.1.0p1, 5.6.2p3.

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