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[iOS] Application versions containing more than 3 non-negative integers separated by periods cannot be submitted to the Store



Reproduction steps:
1. Open a new or existing project
2. Go to Player Settings (Edit -> Player Settings)
3. Switch to iOS tab
4. Enter a version that contains more than 2 dots (e.g

Expected result: a warning will appear informing that Apple does not allow applications to have more than 2 dots in version control
Actual result: there are no warnings

Reproducible with: 2018.4.27f1, 2020.2.0b2

1. Xcode does not provide any information about this either when the version does not follow the proper convention, however, considering how long the building process can be a warning might save time for some in advance
2. Google Play and Android apps were not tested

  1. Resolution Note:

    Given that XCode does not give any errors either, I don't think Unity should put any restrictions here. In case XCode starts erroring on this, then Unity should be updated to at least give a warning.

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