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[iOS][AirPlay] Airplay stream view is corrupt when outputting to multiple Displays



To Reproduce:

1. Deploy the attached project and enable AirPLay mirroring on device.

2. The app should render the ControlCamera buffer on device which should show 'Control View' on the device and Main Camera buffer with 'Main View' on the target.

3. Notice that first after connecting, the stream rotates to landscape and the right side of the stream is missing(black), if the device is rotated the black stripe disappear, but the view on the AirPlay target device is corrupt, only part of the text is rendered when the iOS device is in Portrait, when device is rotated to Landscape the entire label is shown, but the view is cropped/shifted (changing device orientation affects the gameView but the stream itself is not rotated (secondary external displays should be independent from the device orientation?).

4. On 4.3.4, it seems to work as expected:
-MainCamera is displayed in landscape orientation and changing device orientation has no effect on the stream.
-there are some issues with orientation & stretching, but they are probably unrelated.

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