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[iOS] About 5% of Dns, Sockets and HttpWebRequest ending callbacks doesn't happen when they are resolved



Reproduction project demonstrates this issue with Sockets. The symptoms are the same for Dns, Sockets and HttpWebRequest. When you run "Scene.unity", it will start 120 requests to " (port that drops all packets)", and will start cancelling them after 3 seconds. If you keep it running for about 1 minute, you should see "[End] : ..." in the console 120 times. That "[End] : ..." log is written inside of the socket's callback.

Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached project: "02/21/2017 6:06 PM"
2. Build and run the "scene" for iOS device.
3. Wait for the application to call the 120 end calls.
4. Check the every (0 - 119) "[End] :" line in the Xcode console.

Actual behavior:
Some of them are missing.

Expected behavior:
Every "[Start]:" has the ""[End] :" pair.

Reproduced with:
iPhone 6+ 8.0
5.3.8f1, 2017.1.0b2

Not reproducible with:

Android log attached in the edit: 874290_GooglePixel_560p1
iOS log attached in the edit: log-iphone-6-Plus-iOS-8.0

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