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Invisible wall is created when a certain combination of Nav Mesh Box Obstacle GameObjects with Carve ticked are arranged



How to reproduce:
1. Open the user's attached project ""
2. Open the "NavMeshBugCase2" Scene
3. Press Play
4. Press the "W" key or try moving in that direction with left-click

Expected result: Controlled GameObject goes in the desired location
Actual result: Controlled GameObject encounters an invisible wall

Reproducible with: 2019.4.37f1, 2020.3.32f1, 2021.2.17f1, 2022.1.0b14, 2022.2.0a9

- A combination of GameObjects with Nav Mesh Box Obstacles components under "StoneTownHall" in "Obstacles" and "Indoors": "3", "4", "Collider (1)" casuses this issue
- If the above-mentioned GameObjects are moved a certain distance the issue does not reproduce
- The invisible wall is not depicted as a not walkable area in the NavMesh

Comments (2)

  1. unity_SBt0djhrxNe9mA

    Sep 13, 2022 08:10

    Hi! We are finalists of the Google Indie Games Festival 2022.

    Our game suffers a lot because of this issue!

    Guys, please fix it! It creates unwalkable cracks in game levels. I suppose this is not tolerable for built-in engine feature like this.

  2. azadaliza9

    Mar 28, 2022 14:54

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