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[Interactions] InputAction.CallbackContext.interaction does not hold the correct value, when it is set to Default.

Package: Input System


The callback function from Input Action holds information about the Interactions settings.
For example, if the Interaction is set to Tap, user can set Max Tap Duration and Press Point. When using default value, the Max Tap Duration is 0.2, and Press Point is 0.5 by default (or whatever value set in the Input System Settings). However, these values are always 0 for InputAction.CallbackContext.interaction.

1. Download Package and project:
2. Need PR #685 (
3. Open scene in Assets -> QA -> Input_Test -> Scenes
4. Enter Playmode. Choose Interactions from the Other Tests dropdown menu on the top.
5. Expand the "More" menu on the right.
6. Press keys marked as Default, and observe the "More" menu
7. Press keys marked with other values, and observe the menu

Actual: When set to Default, all values in InputAction.callbackContext.interaction are 0, which does not reflect the actual number.

Note: this happens to all interactions, except when the value type is string, and the Tap Count for Multi Tap Interaction.
If only some of the values are set to default, only those come back as 0.

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    Resolution Note:

    This is by design. 0 means "default value". We could look up the value, but then you would lose information, as you don't know if the field is set to the default or explicitly set to that value. We could make the `durationOrDefault` properties public if needed, but I'm not convinced that we should.

    However, I am convinced that our docs need to be better on this, so I opened

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