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Instantiating non-readable texture crashes Unity on Texture2D::AwakeFromLoad

Graphics - General


How to reproduce:
1. Open the attached project
2. Open "scene" scene
3. Select Directional Light, change Obj Array size to 1 and attach Texture
4. Play the scene and notice error
- Instantiating a non-readable 'Texture' texture is not allowed! Please mark the texture readable in the inspector or don't instantiate it.
5. Select Texture in the project so it stays open in Inspector
6. Build and Run the project (Standalone)
- Player crashes
7. Play the scene
- Editor crashes
Note: If you miss step 5, Editor will not crash.

Expected result: Player and Editor doesn't crash when trying to instantiate non-readable texture

Workaround: mark texture as readable - Select texture -> change texture type to Advanced -> select Read/Write enabled and apply.

Reproducible: 5.3.6p7, 5.4.2f1, 5.5.0b9
Not reproducible: 5.2.5f1

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