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Inspector takes focus unnecessarily when editing parameters

Inspector Functionality


Inspector takes focus unnecessarily when editing parameters

I often need to change parameters on a number of objects in the hierarchy view. To do this, my current workflow is:

1. Click an object in the hierarchy view
2. Change the parameter in the inspector
3. Click the next object
4. repeat

For parameters that do not require a change of focus, such as sliders, drop-down menus, checkboxes, and references, it would be really nice to be able to do the following:

1. Click an object in the hierarchy view
2. Click the checkbox, or whatever
3. Push the down arrow on the keyboard
4. repeat

Unfortunately, the inspector takes focus whenever you click anything in it. I find this frustrating behaviour, because (unless I'm missing it) there is no purpose to inspector focus other than being able to move through inspector variables with the arrow keys. However, editing the above types of variables does not require or benefit from focus. Checking/unchecking checkboxes doesn't even highlight the variable in question, even though it brings focus to the inspector.

Keyboard controls in the inspector seem to be dodgy at best. While it is possible to highlight booleans and references in the inspector, I am not aware of any way to edit them from the keyboard. The user must instead click them with the mouse.

If the inspector is going to take focus with every click that falls into it, that focus should be useful for more than just editing number and string fields. Otherwise, it should not grab focus.

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