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Initialize Synchronously locks the player

Package: Addressables


*Steps to reproduce:*

1. Open attached project

2. Create a windows player build. 

3. Start the build. The game will not start.

4. Go into the editor and disable Localization Settings / Initialize Synchronously.

5. Create another build. Notice this one starts up.


Note: Initialize Synchronously just calls WaitForCompletion on the LocalizationInitialization operation.


*Reproducible with versions:* 1.5.0-pre.6

*Not reproducible with versions:* 1.5.0-pre.5

*Can’t test with versions:* 

*Tested on (OS):* Windows


  1. Resolution Note:

    When we start loading a file we take a lock in the PersistentManager to ensure the same file or its dependencies don't get loaded multiple times and create duplicate objects.

    This impose some limitation on the synchronous asset loading: we can't synchronously load an asset in a callback triggered by loading of another asset.

    In this case we load the managers config file which creates LocalizationManager on the main thread and them the LocalizationManager tries to load an asset bundle synchronously from the OnEnable.

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