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Infinite shader compilation loop during project launch when project contains Google Play Games plugin

Asset - Database


How to reproduce:
1. Open the user-provided "bugreport_launch_loop" project

Expected result: The project opens successfully.
Actual result: The project launch gets stuck at an infinite shader compilation loop.

Workaround: The project loads successfully when the Library folder is deleted from the project directory before the launch.

Reproducible with - 2019.3.0b6
Not reproducible with - 2018.4.11f1, 2019.1.14f1, 2019.2.9f1, 2019.3.0b5, 2020.1.0a8

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2019.3):

    Fixed in 2020.1.0a10
    Backported to 2019.3.0b8

Comments (5)

  1. LeonhardP

    Nov 08, 2019 10:46

    This issue was fixed in 2019.3.0b8 and 2020.1.0a10. Please submit a bug report if you are still encountering issues like this.

  2. Yadrocinema

    Oct 31, 2019 11:19

    Happens in 2019.3.0b8 too.

  3. Salva_Takuns

    Oct 16, 2019 09:49

    I delete the library to reimport all again and it works but is a lot of waist of time.

  4. Diogo-Teixeira-FP

    Oct 15, 2019 13:58

    Same happens in our project. It is not Google Play Games related.
    The suggested workaround works (deleting library) but it is highly inconvenient.
    This is now the our biggest problem with 2019.3 beta right now.

  5. Goa

    Oct 15, 2019 11:38

    Happens in 2019.3.0b7 too.
    Workaround did not work, after deleting GooglePlayGames folder it still got stucked at loading shaders.

    Another workaround is to use the v1 asset database and start the editor with the argument: -adb1

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