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Importer/Rig Update button does not update

Asset - Importers


When a Generic Rig being used by “Copy From Other Avatar” from other motion files and the Animation Type is change to Humanoid, other motion files display an “Update” button in the Source binding field. Clicking the Update button does not do anything and the button disappears. This update button is expected to update/re-bind the existing avatar and generate a pop-up if the Animation Type does not match (Generic vs. Humanoid). This does not happen when you click the update button (bug), but does happen when you manually re-assign (browse) the same avatar binding (expected pop-up).

Start clean project with attached “CharacterAnimation_BasicTest.unitypackage” in order to repro from scratch using files with Generic setup to start with…
- Import .unitypackage
- Select DefaultMale
- In importer Rig tab, change Generic Animation Type to Humanoid
- Apply
- Select Nav-AccelNwalk
- Click Update button in Source binding field…
Bug: Nothing happens. Update button reappears when asset is re-selected. No Generic vs. Humanoid pop-up. Animation Type is still set to Generic.
Expected result: Avatar is updated, new Animation Type is detected and user is prompted. Animation Type is updated to Humanoid when user answers Yes, to pop-up.

Manually re-assigning the same Avatar binding (browser) triggers the pop-up resulting in the expected result.

See attached video for repro!

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