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[Hybrid Renderer V2] No error/warning when trying to use HRV2 with URP and SRP Batcher OFF

Hybrid Renderer


When using HRV2 with URP and SRP Batcher OFF, nothing renders without any error/warning.
The rendering works correctly after toggling SRP Batcher ON in the RenderPipeline settings.

Steps to reproduce :
- Open the project
- Launch 'Main' scene
- Nothing should render at this point, whereas there is a red cylinder located at position (0,0,0)
- Open Assets/UniversalRenderPipelineAsset.asset file
- In the 'Advanced' section, tick the SRP Batcher field to ON
- Re-launch 'Main' scene
- The cylinder should render correctly

Important note : After setting the SRP Batcher ON and toggling it OFF again, the scene still renders.
We need to delete the Library folder with the SRP Batcher set to OFF to reproduce the bug through the steps mentioned above.

Expected result :
- Warning/Error when doing something wrong (here, issue a log when SRP Batcher is OFF with HRV2 enabled)
- Deterministic results, not depending on the Library folder. But that's likely a separated issue unrelated to the hybrid renderer.

Actual result :
- Silently ignore errors and renders nothing
- Behavior depends on Library folder

Reproduced with 2020.2.0b12 + hybrid 0.12.0-preview.20 / 2021.1.0a9 + hybrid 0.12.0-preview.13

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