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HoloLens jittering 3D model causing color separation possibly due to incorrect stabilization plane



1. What happened

3D models are jittering and much more unstable than before the 2017.2.0p1 release. The jittering causes extreme color separation on the HoloLens.
This issue applies to these Unity versions 2017.2.0p1, 2017.2.0p4, 2017.2.1f1, 2017.3.0

It does NOT happen when the project is build with 2017.1.1f1, 2017.1.2p4, 2017.2.0f3 so you may want to look at the differences between 2017.2.0f3 and 2017.2.0p1

2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached

Run the attached project on the HoloLens and wait for the white sphere to appear in front of you. Walk a few steps to the right or the left and see that jittering becomes worse at an angle of 45 degrees from the initial direction. If you move my head from left to right across that particular spot youcan trigger it again. Because of the rapid movement of the model it is experienced as extreme color separation when wearing the HoloLens, but I recorded a video of it and that showed that model quickly slides away and then comes back.

I looked at the stabilization plane that is used by running the HoloLens device Portal. It looks like the stabilization plane moves behind the viewer instead of staying in front. This may cause the instability.

  1. Unity-Nikos

    Mar 04, 2018

    The link to the duplicate is not shown because the duplicate ticket is not public. Sorry about that. I can verify that it is fixed and backported to 2018.1.0b7, 2017.3.1p1 and 2017.2.2p1

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