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[HoloLens] Connect button has no effect in Holographic Emulation Mode: Remote to Device

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Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a new Unity project
2. Open player settings for WSA
3. Enable "Virtual Reality Supported" and Add "Windows Holographic" Virtual Reality SDK
4. Open "Holographic Emulation" Window
5. Select "Remote to Device" Emulation Mode
6. Enter HoloLens IP address in "Remote Machine" field
7. Press Connect

Result: pressing "Connect" has no effect at all

Reproducible with: 5.5.0b10, 5.5.0b11

Not reproducible with: 5.5.0b9

Regression introduced in 5.5.0b10

Comments (2)

  1. rsmeenk

    Oct 31, 2017 08:48

    I noticed that I have to press enter after filling in the Remote Machine IP before it can successfully connect.

  2. tsarpf

    Nov 09, 2016 15:13

    Same problem, same version. The connect button UI element seems unclickable in any way.

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