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High polling rate mice are causing performance issues (windows, editor)



Reproduction steps:
1. Open users attached project (note this project doesn't use the new input system, but the issue manifests in the new input system too. See ISX-1506)
2. Press the "Stats" button on the Game View window
3. Enter the Play Mode
4. Move the mouse rapidly over the Editor
5. Observe the Frame rate in the Stats window

Expected result: Frame rate is stable
Actual result: Frame rate is jumping from ~400 to ~200

Reproducible with: 2019.4.38f1, 2020.3.33f1, 2021.3.0f1, 2022.1.0b16, 2022.2.0a11

-reproduced with Razer Viper
-frame rate drop is more apparent with a higher polling rate (1000hz)
-in 2019.4, the performance drop is not as major, but still visible
-reproduces in any project

Comments (14)

  1. lethal-chicken

    Dec 24, 2023 07:55

    Affecting me in 2022.3.7f1. It just started happening, it used to be fine on this version.

  2. JinxGBR

    Dec 05, 2023 11:08

    This also occurs in my reasonably new project using Unity 2022.3.13f1. As many threads have stated, decreasing the polling rate of my Razer Naga mouse from 1000Hz to 500Hz does help. The lag spike comes from the editor loop going from 0.91ms to 8.42ms, for example, resulting in a decrease from 200 FPS to 100 FPS, making me think that this would not scale up based on project size. The problem does not persist to builds, making this a lower priority, but dev experience using play mode is still an important issue.

  3. Brad123ghost

    Nov 03, 2023 09:43

    Can confirm, 22.3.5f1 mouse at 1000hz still has problems

  4. jjjjjj0755

    Jul 12, 2023 09:05

    My Razer Viper also has this problem. This problem existed from 2022.2.6 to 2022.3.3. I tried many times to locate this problem and did many things. I found that it only appeared in the Editor. When I realized that it might be due to a high polling rate, I tested the situation under 125hz and came here. Please Unity fix it as soon as possible!"

  5. blakebarton

    May 02, 2023 19:24

    Issue on 2020.3.29f1 with Cooler Master CM310

  6. Rud156

    Jan 17, 2023 14:21

    Seems like this is still an issue on Unity 2022.2.2f1 when using a 4k polling rate (Viper V2 P{ro).

  7. AlManiak

    Jan 14, 2023 15:45

    Can confirm still an issue for 2022.1.23f1 with skiller SGM1

  8. carsenk

    Dec 14, 2022 12:39

    Can confirm this happens in Unity 2021.3.15f1 with Razer DeathAdder v2 (Anything above 125mhz and will cause editor and builds from Unity to drop framerates)

  9. ohbado

    Oct 02, 2022 05:59

    Is it the same issue as the bug below?
    2021.3.10f1 has this bug. i am waiting for a fix.

  10. Gustjc

    Sep 27, 2022 20:22

    Still present with 2021.3.8f1 LTS. Almost unusable at 1000 Hz. It's better with 125 Hz but it still have mini lag spikes every now and then. This issue should be a priority to fix on LTS versions. It really impacts the work.
    Reproducible with: Corsair Harpoon mouse

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