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[HDRP] Pointlights shadows are unstable, update : number of shadow casting pointlights is limited

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline HD


I created 4 pointlights in a scene. They all cast shadows with a resolution of 32x32. If I add a 5th pointlight with the same settings (cast shadows and 32x32), one of my pointlights stops casting shadows. If I zoom in and out in the scene view, the shadows can switch from one light to another.

Reproduction steps:
- Use the package attached to this bug in a project that uses HDRP
- Open the scene TestPointlights
- zoom in and out with the scene view camera to see the effect in scene view
- move the camera forward and backwards to see the effect in game view

Expected behavior :
- a lot more lights can cast shadows with this resolution
- shadows switch only occur when we have more shadow maps than the atlas can fit

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