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[HDRP] Planar reflection probe range compression factor

Package: Scriptable Render Pipeline HD


Steps to reproduce:
- Create a mirror object (create > 3D Object > Mirror)
- Create a sphere with a highly emissive material
- Place the sphere so you can at the same time see the sphere and it's reflection
- Check that you have bloom enabled to be able to see bloom around the sphere
- On the mirror object :
- Enable "more option"
- Increase the "Range Compression Factor" value (ex: 1000)

Expected : The range compression factor should accommodate the high intensity emission value of the sphere and the reflection of the sphere should display bloom similarly to the "real" sphere.

Result: Even setting the range compression factor to a very high value like 10.000.000 doesn't display similar bloom.

Reproduces with: HDRP 10.6 & master
Does not reproduce with : HDRP 7.7.1

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