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Fixed in 2022.1.19f1, 2022.2.0b8, 2023.1.0a8



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[HDRP][PathTracer] Flashing at first frame blow up the automatic progressive exposure and create an overexposed converged frame when using recorder with accumulation



Repro steps :
- Open attached project
- Open scene called "Outside"
- Check that the accumulation of the pathtracer is okay exposure wise
- Now open recorder and click on "start recording"

Expected : The image accumulated in game view and the image from the recorder (in Project/Recordings ) should be the same
Result : The actual image from the recorder is overexposed.

Additional info :
- Basically, there is a flash in the pathtracer at the first frame, most probably because the ambient probe is not ready (and all blac)
- Which cause the automatic exposure to blow up.
- And because the exposure is progressive, it doesn't have time to fall back to expected values. (With no progressive exposure, we don't have the problem)
- This does not repro if the sky is not visible (because the flashing only occurs on the sky)

Environment :
- Windows 10
- Unity 2022.2.0a16
- HDRP 14.0.3

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