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HDRP Config Package does not download when using Collaborate/Cloud Build

Package: Collab Proxy


Reproduction steps:
1. Create an HDRP project
2. Enable Collab
3. Install HDRP Config Package through HDRP Wizard
4. Publish changes to Collab
5. Download project through Collab on another machine
6. Sync the project through Collab

Expected result: "LocalPackages" folder gets downloaded through collab and project works
Actual result: "LocalPackages" folder is not downloaded which causes errors breaking the project

Reproducible with: 1.2.16 (2019.4.11f1), 1.3.9 (2020.1.6f1, 2020.2.0b4)
Could not test with: 2018.4.27f1 (HDRP Wizard not present)

Workaround: Manually download the "LocalPackages" folder and place it in the Project Directory

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  1. WZH94

    Feb 14, 2021 10:46

    This issue is still reproducible with 2019.4.18f1 and with HDRP 7.5.3, Collab does not sync up the LocalPackages folder which might mean you have to manually sync up all your HDRP settings

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