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[HDRP] Ambient occlusion map provides darker results in Raytracing

Package: SRP HD Template


On a side project, I noticed that in RTX my highlights are almost completely gone when the AO map is used. I compared the result of the same assets rendered with Rasterization and Path tracer, in both highlights and the overall image is brighter (see attached image second row). Is this expected?

1) Open the project
2) Enable RTX/Path Tracer/Rasterization in Global volume
3) Compare the results
Result: RTX is significantly darker vs Path or Raster (also in attached image bottom left car)

Reproduction 2:
1) Open the project
2) Enable Raytraced SSR
3) On CarPaint material, remove and add Mask map
4) Notice the impact it has on highlights and overall brighness

Note: the car doesnt not have all materials so wont match the image exactly (no wheel, windows etc optional materials). The most important CarPaint is included.

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