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[GPULM] - Fallback to CPULM failing when writing LightCookies buffer and using Clear baked Data

Progressive Lightmapper


Baking with GPULM sometimes fails when baking a scene that has baked light cookies.
The bug happens in OpenCLCommonBuffers::PrepareLightCookiesBuffer while writing in kRRBuf_lightCookiesBuffer even though the buffer is properly allocated.

Steps to reproduce:
*Fetch the HDRP graphics repo at sha 196f36cf8498b9099363808ddcf3138d2dab379f
*Download the repro project at
*Update the manifest.json in HDRPTemplatePV/Packages to point to your local HDRP repo
*Set EnableProbeVolumes = 1, in Runtime/ShaderConfig.cs
*Bake lighting
*Clear the baking using "Clear baked Data"
*Bake again

The bug happens only using "Clear baked Data", it does not reproduce using "clear disk cache"

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  1. uniquenterprices357

    Mar 17, 2021 12:54


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