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[GPU PLM] Lightmapper falls back to CPU PLM after changing GPU baking device

Progressive Lightmapper



Steps to reproduce:

1. Open any existing Unity project, or create a new one
2. In the lighting settings window (Lighting > Workflow Settings > GPU Baking Device), switch to an AMD GPU and restart the editor when prompted
3. Once the editor has restarted, it immediately falls back to CPU PLM


- Reproduces in: 2021.1.0a1 (eff81b68729d), 2021.2.0a5 (de5cd8fa40a2), 2021.1.0b4 (6d90c0720bd4)
- Does not reproduce in: 2020.2.4f1 (ca794392a1ed), 2020.2.5f1 (e2c53f129de5)
- Upon restarting the editor, GPU lightmapper is no longer selectable in the UI; users would have to resort to command line arguments to revert their choice
- The issue reproduces even after updating to the latest AMD drivers
- Observed on Windows running a TITAN V + AMD RX 580 GPU combo

Comments (2)

  1. PaulMaget

    Apr 17, 2022 14:39

    I still have the same issue with a project that I've created in 2021.2 and then upgraded to 2021.3.
    When I first launch the editor it let me select the GPU Lightmapper but after trying generate the lighting it falls back to the CPU and then I can't change it back to GPU.

  2. RR7

    May 18, 2021 17:50

    i might be sufferign this and i have no AMD GPU.

    i have a laptop with GTX 1070 and Intel UHD630. at some point in my projects lifetime i would have selected the UHD to see what happens. but in this project now regardless of what i try and do, i can choose GPU lightmapper but no choice of GPU, as soon as it starts it falls back then i can no longer select GPU lightmapper from the list until i restart the editor. (it still shows on the list)

    this happened since i went from 2020.3.latest to 2021.1 and remains in all current 2021.1 builds i've tried so far.

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