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[GPU PLM] Crash after enabling Auto at the end of Bake - OpenCLRenderLightmapBuffers.HasBakingBuffers()

Progressive Lightmapper


Steps to repro:
1. Open the attached project and 'ProgressiveLightmappingExample' scene;
2. In the Preferences window (Edit > Preferences) go to the GICache tab and click the 'Clean Cache" button;
3. In the Lighting window (Window > Rendering > Lighting) click Generate Lighting button;
4. At the end of GI baking (observe the progress bar for spotting it) enable Auto Generate checkbox in the Lighting window.

Expected result:
Editor finishes an auto-bake without crashes.

Actual result:
Editor crashes in 0x00007FF926234207 (nvopencl64) clGetPlatformInfo and following assertion shown: "Assertion failed on expression: 'm_OpenCLRenderLightmapBuffers.HasBakingBuffers()'
". See attached video.

Reproduced in: 2021.2.1f1, 2021.2.2f1, 2022.1.0a15
Not Reproduced in: 2019.4.28f1, 2020.3.22f1, 2021.1.28f1, 2021.2.0f1

Full callstack:
0x00007FF926234207 (nvopencl64) clGetPlatformInfo
0x00007FF926216935 (nvopencl64) clGetPlatformInfo
0x00007FF92623E8C3 (nvopencl64) clGetExtensionFunctionAddress
0x00007FF92623FC25 (nvopencl64) clGetExtensionFunctionAddress
0x00007FF92623211B (nvopencl64) clGetPlatformInfo
0x00007FF9262326B4 (nvopencl64) clGetPlatformInfo
0x00007FF7989E97B8 (Unity) OpenCLKernelWrapper::EnqueueNDRangeKernel
0x00007FF798A44B4C (Unity) GPULightmapperHelper::DoDirectAndOcclusionForAnalyticalLights
0x00007FF798A50775 (Unity) RadeonRaysBakeLightmapTechnique::Render
0x00007FF798A103E2 (Unity) BakeJobRenderLightmaps::Execute
0x00007FF7989C7B11 (Unity) ProcessJobs
0x00007FF7989D139A (Unity) BakeContextManager::UpdateFunction
0x00007FF7989BDB15 (Unity) BakeContextManager::DispatchUpdateFunction
0x00007FF7975E9887 (Unity) Thread::RunThreadWrapper
0x00007FF9DE887034 (KERNEL32) BaseThreadInitThunk
0x00007FF9DEA22651 (ntdll) RtlUserThreadStart

- Reproducible on Windows with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080Ti GPU;
- The crash is not reproducible on macOS (both Intel-based and M1) ; only the assertion in 'm_OpenCLRenderLightmapBuffers.HasBakingBuffers()' is shown;
- The case might not be reproducible consistently. To increase the reproduction rate please consider the following:
- Restart Editor and repeat all the steps;
- The case might be timing-specific: consider executing step 4 at different stages of the bake;
- The case seems to have more symptoms: sometimes a bake might stall completely instead of crash, a fallback to CPU happens and sometimes only the aforementioned assertion is shown;
- Ensure that you've baked the scene successfully prior to executing the repro steps, this seems to have an effect on the case repro rate;
- Changing the Lighting settings (i.e. Direct/Indirect Samples) between the bakes or during the bake (sometimes) might also trigger the crash.

Comments (2)

  1. Kexo1

    Feb 29, 2024 08:23

    Same error, everyrhing turns white after baking.

    Unity 2023.3.20f1
    GPU: RX 6800 XT

  2. octaviotastico

    Feb 04, 2024 05:36

    I'm having this error. I'm using Unity 2022.3.16f1, I have an RTX 3060ti, my os is Windows 11.

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