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Getting console error when postprocessing package is installed: ArgumentException: Type provided must be an Enum.

Package: PostProcessing


How to reproduce:

# Create new Unity Project
# In Context menu select Window > Package Manager
# In package manager windows click on plus icon
# In dropdown select 'install package from git URL...'
# Enter this link '' and press Install
# Wait for install to complete and check console

System.ArgumentException: Type provided must be an Enum.
Parameter name: enumType
at System.RuntimeType.GetEnumValues () [0x00012] in <e1eafe244ab8433bb57e5e98843c8df1>:0
at System.Enum.GetValues (System.Type enumType) [0x00014] in <e1eafe244ab8433bb57e5e98843c8df1>:0
at UnityEditor.Rendering.PostProcessing.DefineSetter..cctor () [0x00000] in /home/bokken/My project (5)/Library/PackageCache/com.unity.postprocessing@b336715bc7/PostProcessing/Editor/Tools/DefineSetter.cs:17
UnityEditor.EditorAssemblies:ProcessInitializeOnLoadAttributes (System.Type[]) (at /home/bokken/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/EditorAssemblies.cs:123)

Expected results: No errors in console.
Actual results: Errors are thrown in the Console window

- Tested on Win11, Ubuntu 18.
- Not reproducible with version 3.2.2.
- Also tried same package install from disk and got the same error

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