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[GearVR | SPS | Deferred] White unlit geometry in one eye, other eye is entirely black



1. What happened
In a simple scene with just some cubes and a solid color background the left eye shows all geometry as purely white and unlit, where it should exhibit shading, shadows, with a bit of yellow from the warm directional light. Also, the right eye is entirely black.

I saw this bug occur on S7 Gear VR with Mali chips when Single Pass is the Stereo Method and a deferred rendering camera is used.

2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached
Open the project and open the scene.
Verify that the camera is set to deferred.
Note that Single Pass Stereo is chosen in XR Player settings.
Build and run on Gear VR.
The geometry should be shaded and receive shadows, but it is entirely unlit white in the left eye. The right eye view remains entirely black.

  1. Resolution Note:

    XR Management has evaluated this issue and determined that it does not meet our current bug severity threshold. If you would like your issue to be reviewed again, please re-submit your bug.

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