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[Android S6] Performance drop in 5.3.0f3 compared to 5.3.0f2



android S6 performance regression from f2 to f3.

Test 1) We recreated a custom build of the Flier Project mentioned earlier that simulates a VR rendering load without the VR rendering pipeline. We added two cameras with equallay sized viewports that render onto each half of the android screen then disabled VR mode. I tested this on an S6 and found the performance to be in general worse on f3 than f2 regardless of the Dyanmic Batching setting.

Test 2) After deciding that this is a GPU bound issue we created a small but GPU heavy test scene to isolate the problem. In this project (which I will attach below) we built a stock android application and observed much better performance on 5.3.0f2 than on 5.3f3. The issue seems to be a part of the 'Clear' call in Graphics.RenderOpaqueGeometry. It takes over 20ms to complete in 5.3.0f3 . (see screen shot attached).

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