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[Gameroom] InputField doesn't accept characters after minimising a maximised window

Facebook Gameroom


To reproduce:
1) Open attached project
2) Build and run for FB Gameroom
3) Write something in the field
Expected: Writing works
4) Maximise window
5) Write something again
Expected: Writing works
6) Minimize window and then open it back up
7) Try writing again

Actual: You can move the cursor in the field, but no characters are inputted.
Workaround: Lose and regain focus of whole window

Reproduced in 2017.4.12f1, 2018.3.0b9, 2019.1.0a8

  1. Resolution Note (2019.2.X):

    There is a workaround for this, and doesn't affect a large number of users. In addition Facebook Gameroom will be deprecated 19.2, and this issue doesn't meet the bar for backporting to LTS

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