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Fixed in 2020.1

Fixed in 2019.2, 2019.3



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Plane with Cloth component is affected by high external force when in Play mode



How to reproduce:
1. Open attached '' project
2. Enter Play mode

Expected result: cloth stays relatively still
Actual result: cloth starts flying (as if a lot of external force is applied)

Reproducible with: 2019.2.0a7, 2019.2.0f1, 2019.3.0a11
Not reproducible with: 2017.4.31f1, 2018.4.5f1, 2019.1.13f1, 2019.2.0a6

Comments (9)

  1. 331ddca0a4e60acd5f8ff9f666356965?d=mm


    Sep 11, 2019 13:24

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  2. A68f379359b89bfea901a96684ac02a5?d=mm


    Sep 06, 2019 09:06

    nice post, keep up with this interesting work. It really is good to know that this topic is being covered also on this web site so cheers for taking time to discuss this!

  3. Dc2043d9540ad81b2b2a76bdd3f176a9?d=mm


    Aug 22, 2019 18:01

    I originally logged the bug with the sample which was easy to reproduce, literally the most basic cloth example add cloth to a plane in the newest official release. I had tapestries in a castle before 2019.2 with cloth working beautifully and after I updated to 2019.2 all the tapestries went crazy and flew straight up or balled up into what looked like a black hole a combination of whatever external forces I had programmed to give the tapestries a look of airflow down a passageway with whatever odd external force applies randomly to the cloth without any adjustment by myself. According to the bug status they have fixed it in 2020.1 and are working to fix it for the latest 2019 version alpha/beta and release. Crossing my fingers on the next official release update having it fixed. It could be something funky with whatever code segment handles gravity as an external force and that is causing the odd and seemingly random movement of the cloth, which is why people keep referring to the gravity system but whatever the case I'm hoping its thoroughly tested as they are doing updates to make the cloth system better as part of 2019.

  4. 6bcf0301f5e4b90c0dc271f2ce2df1ba?d=mm


    Aug 21, 2019 12:08

    They answered me in a letter, they wrote that the problem is only in gravity, but this is not so.

  5. Ad305c87abb1ad8fd97e204f2fbcef41?d=mm


    Aug 17, 2019 23:27

    looks like people are facing this issue in 2019.2. please fix!

  6. 89648c1019679041b7fb111cbbcb36e7?d=mm


    Aug 16, 2019 22:04

    I uploaded a video demonstrating the severity of the issue with default cloth settings on a single plane. Gravity works as intended while the plane is in the initial rotation, but doesn't work once the plane is rotated.

  7. 6bcf0301f5e4b90c0dc271f2ce2df1ba?d=mm


    Aug 16, 2019 21:23

    There is a problem and it is much wider than indicated.

  8. 7a43f40f560ea6ed0f4964e1a6ffe7a4?d=mm


    Aug 16, 2019 12:26

    Try to reset rotation or set cloth.useGravity = false . The problem is related to cloth gravity.

  9. 9cc79e7beec10deddf4f4251a6b3bb3b?d=mm


    Aug 16, 2019 07:40

    Is there another way to fix this issue earlier as 2020?

    I'd love to have it really functional at least you said so - back in april

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