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Fixed in 2022.2.X

Fixed in 2020.3.X, 2021.3.X, 2022.1.X



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First array element expansion is broken for arrays that use Custom Property Drawers

Inspector Framework


How to reproduce:
1. Open the attached project
2. Open the "SampleScene" and select "Input array" in the Hierarchy
3. Try to add bindings to the very first element of the array via the plus sign button
4. Observe that the array doesn't expand correctly

3. Select the "Custom" object and change the first element's field to "A" in the dropdown menu
4. Observe that the expansion is broken for the first array element only (might be broken for other too if checked on an older, non-fixed version)

Expected result: Arrays with custom property drawers always expand correctly
Actual result: The first first element of an array doesn't expand correctly if it uses custom property drawers

Reproduced in: 2022.2.0a8, 2022.1.0b12, 2021.2.16f1, 2021.1.28f1, 2020.3.31f1
Not reproducible with: 2020.2.0a13

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2022.2):

    Fixed in 2022.2.0a13

  2. Resolution Note (fix version 2022.1):

    Fixed in 2022.1.0f1

  3. Resolution Note (fix version 2021.3):

    Fixed in: 2021.3.5f1

  4. Resolution Note (fix version 2020.3):

    Fixed in 2020.3.37f1

Comments (35)

  1. TheBlindEye

    Sep 09, 2022 23:03

    Broken in 2021.3.6f1

  2. aferrieux

    Jul 22, 2022 15:28

  3. Rukas90

    Jul 20, 2022 15:20

    I am using 2021.3.4f1 and this issue is still present

  4. NvHulst

    Jul 18, 2022 07:57

    Still broken in Unity 2020.3.36f1

  5. unity_36HoslSrPBLB0g

    Jul 16, 2022 00:28

    We had to upgrade to fix some other issue (assembly reload taking too long). Now our workflow is broken. It would be nice to fix this since [NonReorderable] is quite ugly and breaks our productivity

  6. max_nelson01

    Jul 15, 2022 19:49

    Issue has returned in 2020.3.36f.

  7. Denis_Cliofas

    Jul 14, 2022 12:15

    Not working in 2020.3.36f1, I see that the fix is probably in review but it is stuck in this state, not sure how long it take you to review it.

  8. youminewecraft26

    Jul 05, 2022 13:46

    Fixed in 2021.3.5f1

  9. allebrandt

    Jun 29, 2022 12:12

    I'm having the same problem with Unity 2020.3...
    Any idea when will this be pushed to 2020.3? Since I can't move on to any higher versions due to technical reasons, does anyone have any idea about how to get over that while no fix is in place?

  10. randyleemaitland

    Jun 27, 2022 14:31

    seems fixed in 2021.3.5f1 LTS had the issue in the previous LTS versions...just installed latest and issue isn't happening.

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